A Low Ropes Course is a proven tool for Team Building.  At first look, it doesn’t seem to be much more than a series of ropes, balancing wires, and elevated platforms, however, with the addition of an experienced facilitator, the course can become an abstract challenge where participants need to work together to complete it.

Breaking people out of stagnant behaviour patterns and showing them the advantage of creative thought and teamwork can be a tricky proposition.  The magic of the Low Ropes Course is its ability to mirror the challenges that people face, working together in their every day lives. In this new environment participants seek out new strategies and solutions of how to work together.

Our Low Ropes Course is a temporary facility that can be built to provide the necessary challenge for your team. With increasing levels of difficulty, each session can be tailored to suit your group’s needs.  You will be given a series of challenges and activities to test your physical agility and problem solving. These must all be completed as a team.

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