At SJ3 Outdoors we work with public services, corporate organisations, charities, youth groups and sports teams. If you have a group of people with a common set of goals or purpose, then we can deliver a program to help them become a stronger unit.

Most of what we learn about ourselves and each other does not come from books or the classroom but from experience.  If you book a Team Building day with us, your group will find themselves in a variety of fun, challenging and adventurous activities that will test each person’s problem solving and communication skills, their determination, cooperation, trust, and probably their patience.

We deliver experiential learning in an outdoor environment, where we provide the activities, opportunities and guide you through these. What you learn will depend on you.

What is important is that as you progress through the day (or days!) you will have opportunities to reflect on your experiences. It is here that you will see that the challenges we provide bring to life real-world problems, feelings, and ideas.  You may notice relationships changing or strengthening. Perhaps you learn how to better communicate. Perhaps you discover how to lead—or how to follow. Perhaps you learn to trust each other more. From kids to corporate managers, by the end of the day, virtually everyone learns something about themselves, each other, or about life. Why not book a team building day with us??