SJ3 Outdoors has been at the fore front of the development of open water swimming in Norfolk since 2008, with the introduction of open water triathlon events, open water swim events, coaching sessions and the establishment of a dedicated open water swim centre, which operated for 10 years up to 2019.

We now focus on developing swimmers in open water and can offer a range of coaching sessions either on a 1:1 basis, a small group basis or as part of a training group.  We also offer 1:1 stroke technique development sessions in our Endless Pool.

The transition from pool to open water is not simply a matter of being aware of the dangers and being a competent swimmer. If you’re a recreational swimmer then learning just a few tips and key skills can make all the difference to your open water swim experience.  If you’re looking to compete in an event then adding tactical knowledge and race specific skills can take you to the next level.